For many organisations Sage is an essential piece of software for managing their finances. Often companies have additional software systems such as eCommerce web sites, stock control systems, planning/forecasting and quotation systems which are core to their business activities. The data in these systems often overlaps data held in their Sage application address data, stock codes and invoice information.

Keying data into multiple systems is time consuming and error prone. SiS is a Sage Integration Developer and we can link your applications together. You can choose one system to be the master and the other to be the slave. For example new customers can be keyed into SAGE then imported into your quotation system. If you subsequently raise invoices in your quotation system, invoice data can be posted back into Sage for credit control and accounting.

Sage Development Partner

SIS is a Sage Development Partner; we have the necessary tool kits and skills to integrate disparate applications with your version of Sage.

Sage integration work has been completed for many clients, either as a separate integration task or as a module in a bespoke development. Clients include Entrust, Ushaw College, Midland Steel Traders (MST) and Vectis Auctions.

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