Is your database in poor health and in need of a doctor?

Database providers such as MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Ingres and Oracle allow database administrators and developers to implement relational databases which sit at the hub of almost every software, app or web based system. If the database is slow, the user experience is slow. Inevitably as a software system matures, data tables fill and fragment and performance degrades.

The most critical factors affecting application performance are the database structure, connection parameters, and the mechanisms used to read and update the data tables.

How can we help?

  • Recommend a database to suit your architecture and budget.
  • Take over the support and development of a legacy MS Access database on which your company depends.
  • Archive and re-structure your database to improve performance.
  • Implement indexing to improve performance bottlenecks. (A well placed index can reduce a query search from 2 minutes to 2 seconds.)
  • Database cleansing, identifying duplicates, inconsistencies and tidying up address data via our postcode validation service.
  • Up size MS Access databases to new versions of MS Access or to Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Compact and Repair MS Access databases
  • Maintenance Plans for Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Resilience and replication solutions for Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Access Databases - Love them or Hate Them?
Microsoft Access databases are typically used for small work group applications or prototyping. They are often developed as a core application by in-house staff with a basic knowledge of IT.

If you hate them you probably have a system which is garish to look at, slow to use, written by a member of staff who has long since left and no-one in your organisation can enhance the database functionality. You are in the majority but don't worry SiS can solve your problems. We have been writing well structured low budget MS Access applications for SME's since MS Access version 1.1 which came out in the early 90's.

What  can we do for you?

  • Develop a low cost, secure, efficient MS Access solution to your specifications. Say goodbye to all those spreadsheets and semi-automated processes.
  • Take over support of an existing MS Access database.
  • Improve performance using a number of techniques which include archiving, indexing, re-writing the code and splitting the database into client server.
  • Update the database to a newer version of Microsoft Access for example Microsoft Access 2007 to Microsoft Access 2016.
  • Up size the database to Microsoft SQL Server to improve performance and provide a more robust solution, whilst maintaining your valuable historic data.

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