Common statements that trigger business process analysis:

  • It takes far too long to complete this business task.
  • Our staff are frustrated with the current systems and could be far more productive.
  • The financial impact is unqualified but there are obvious bottlenecks in our current processes.
  • Our management reporting is inadequate.

I know let's solve it with a piece of software.. but how?

When building your own house the most important phase is developing plans with your architect to ensure you get a building that fits your needs and budget. During the building phase there are inevitable small adjustments to the design, but you have a clear direction and deliverable to sign off at the end. Changing your plans significantly, halfway through the build can be extremely expensive.

In a business process analysis exercise we act as your architect, facilitating analysis/briefings, sometimes with a department, often across multiple departments in disparate locations.

Your current processes and existing software systems are clearly documented identifying areas for improvement. This may be enhancements to existing applications; automated integration between existing systems; purchasing new systems off-the-shelf or developing a bespoke application with a migration plan from current architecture to the desired solution. 

The key deliverable from a business process analysis exercise is a detailed architecture proposal, which typically includes wire frame mock ups to allow your staff to visualise the proposed solution and the steps required for implementation.

The document is often but not always a detailed software specification which you own and can use in the tender process to obtain competitive quotes from a number of software houses. SIS would also provide a development quote where a software solution is part of the future vision.

Take a step towards your vision.

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