Vectis Auctions Logo
  • Location: Thornaby-on-Tees
  • Client Since: 2008
  • Industry: Auctioneers

Vectis is the largest toy auctioneer in the world based in North East England. Auctioning Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Hornby, Steiff, Britains and other collectable toys.

Live Auction Platform

SIS developed a live auction bidding platform, allowing on-line buyers to bid from anywhere in the world, alongside room bidders. The system allows the online bidders to bid in real-time with the auction floor. The auction is managed by a central auction admin who is present on the auction floor, when bids are made online they are sent to the auction admin who approves the bid and anounces to the room or rejects the bid. When a bid is palced on the auction floor it is entered into the auction admin system. This ensure that the system is kept up to date with the auction floor, meaning online-bidders are not at a disadvantage.

This system is supported by a back-end application which manages card payments, invoicing and commission

Vectis live auction bidding platform inside an iMac