The Smarterbuys store, shop smarter pay smarter logo
  • Location: North East, UK
  • Client Since: 2008
  • Industry: Manufacturing

The Smarterbuys Store is an online discount deal scheme that allows its users to buy items such as; white goods, electricals and other essential household items at heavily discounted prices. Users can purchase the items outright or through access to affordable credit supported by the user's landlord. The Smarterbuys Store aims to offer a credible, responsible alternative to high-interest stores and loan sharks.

The Smarterbuys Store ECommerce Sites

SIS was tasked with creating eCommerce sites for each of The Smarterbuys' Stores sub-brands. Each site has a unique design and layout to fit with the sites brand identity. All sites are built using SIS's custom CMS and eCommerce platform Webstitcher, which letsĀ users manage: site content, products, orders, invoices, payments and user logins. The website integrates with SAGE for payment tracking.

Through the various sites, the user can pay for goods using credit/debit cards, invoice, pay offline using PayPoint integration or apply for credit using Smarterbuys' custom built credit application system. When a user applies to pay through credit, the system automatically generates the required documents for the credit application and uploads for electronic signatures. The Credit union can log in to Smarter Buys Credit Union Portal where they can approve, reject and manage user credit applications.

The Smarterbuys Store Durham Category page shown on a MacBook