Northern Housing Consortium - The voice of the north
  • Location: North East, UK
  • Client Since: 2000
  • Industry: Manufacturing

NHC is a membership organisation/consortium based in the North of England. The consortium aims to allow its members to share ideas, discuss the industry whilst also representing its members on a national and regional government level.

Northern Housing Consortium is SIS’s oldest customers, we started working with them in 2000 and we are still developing solutions for them today. Over the years we have re-developed their website on three occasions and developed their customer relational management software. We also developed their event management and their online shop Homekind

Homekind ECommerce Site

HomeKind is a scheme in which social tenants can purchase home items such as; ovens, fridges, TVs and much more at a heavily discounted price.

Homekind is built using SIS's custom CMS and ECommerce platform Webstitcher, allowing them to manage site content, products, orders, invoices, payments and users. The website integrates with SAGE for payments.  

homekind screenshot inside a MACBOOK Air