SIS Store Locator

The SIS store locator is designed to help you sell your products more effectively. Letting your customers know where they can buy your products is a simple and cost effective way for you to drive sales. Allowing your customers to search for their nearest branch by postcode means that they can be fully informed of how and where to pick up your products or simply visit your store.


Letting your customers search for all of your locations is perfect for when they are out of town or on the move, and unsure of the locations and opening times of your local branches. Adding a store locator to your website helps them access your store, and more importantly your products, with ease. You can customise the store locator so that it fits seamlessly within your webpage for any CMS system.


The SIS store locator can boost sales and help customers find your products for as little as £10 per month


SIS Store Locator - Dragon Soop 



  • Customise the information on your pin flag to each individual store
  • Intuitive interface is simple to navigate
  • Changes to existing stores or new additions are instantly updated on your website
  • Highly configurable to meet your company preferences
  • Integrate with your social media pages, and any web page that is HTML based
  • Street view lets the customer pinpoint the store's exact location
  • Easy to understand tutorials help you understand how the SIS Store Locator works
  • Cost effective measure to drive sales


How it works


  • Contact us for an SIS Store Locator login and password
  • Create a new store locator map
  • Add multiple store name, address, postcode and details
  • Copy and paste the HTML link into your page
  • Instantly update your store locations to your website for customers to search!



The SIS Store Locator uses Google Maps for optimised search results. This permits 2500 free customer searches per day, with the option of purchasing more if you need it.


What next?

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