Live Auction Software

Everyone has heard of eBay but eBay no longer provide a live auction platform where customers are bidding on-line in real time, competing with bidders in an auction room. If you need a real time auction solution you may think your only option is to pay commission on every sale to a third party provider. This is not the case; SIS has developed a cost effective, easy to use and secure real time auction software solution that can be tailored to your exact needs. This can integrate into your existing website and back end financial software such as Sage or Opera.

Case Studies

Vectis Auctions Ltd
Vectis, one of the largest toy auction specialists in the world, commissioned SIS to provide a full new IT infrastructure. This included backend desktop software, a new website driven by WebStitcher Content Management Software, a real time auction bidding platform and Sage Integration.

What next?

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