Database Doctor

Is your database slowing you down?

Virtually every application and web site is supported by a back end database. Some of the more common databases include MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

One of the most critical factors affecting the performance of an application whether it is a web site or a desktop application is the Database structure and the mechanisms used to connect to, read from and write to those databases.

How can we help?

  • Recommend a database to suit your architecture and budget.
  • Take over the support and development of a legacy MS Access database on which your company depends.
  • Archive and re-structure your database to improve performance.
  • Back up, restore and replication solutions. 
  • Implement indexing to improve performance bottlenecks.
  • Database cleansing, identifying duplicates, inconsistencies and tidying up address data via our postcode validation service.
  • Upsize MS Access databases to new versions of MS Access or to Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Compact and Repair MS Access databases
  • Maintenance Plans for Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Resilience and replication solutions for Microsoft SQL Server

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What next?

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