IT Consultancy Services

IT Consultancy services are an important part of our business.

Services which we have performed in the past include:

  • Evaluating software packages which our clients are considering purchasing.

  • Project Managing our Clients in-house software developers.

  • Code reviews of software developed by our Clients in-house development teams. SIS recently completed an audit of EAGA's Project Management Software which was developed by their India Office.

  • Strategic IT Planning Services where we spend a number of days on site reviewing a Clients existing network infrastructure, security policies, disaster recovery, business software and the restrictions imposed by the software. From this review we create a short, medium and long term strategic IT Plan to improve the performance and security of the business.

  • Recruiting internal IT Staff is difficult if you do not know the questions to ask or the answers to expect. We have assisted our Clients with the interview process.

  • If you have any IT needs we would be pleased to assist.


What next?

If you're interested contact us for more information or a IT Consultancy quote.